US regulators launch investigation into worker death at Amazon warehouse

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US regulators have initiated an inquiry into the death of an employee at an Amazon warehouse. The investigation is being conducted to determine the cause of the worker’s death and to ensure that proper safety protocols are being followed at the facility.

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Logistics is a shitty industry to work in. Long hours, unrealistic quotas, and inhumane management are all just normal things. And Amazon turns that dial up on shittiness.


Which one?


I wonder how high the pile of bodies will go before they take action to declare themselves innocent via bribery to our oh so not corrupt judicial system

At which point of course a new pile of bodies begins


TLDR their bladder exploded and the hungry robot army quickly sold the remaining flesh.


I don’t have a prime membership. When I order something it does not have to be at my door the next day but usually is. They really need to ease up on their employees. Getting junk fast is not a priority.



Lol! US “regulators” have been in the pocket of big business for decades. Corporate interests buy the politicians that appoint these “regulators”. Then they tell the corrupt politicians who the nominee is going to be (usually somebody that currently is working in the industry). Then they cut that person a giant check, even millions of dollars to remember who his friends are. They, of course, say publicly that the bribe is to make up for all the lost monies that the individual would have made had he stayed in the private sector and not taken the low-paying government job.

Then the nominee is appointed by the bought & paid-for politicians. Now as top “regulator” he rubber-stamps anything his co-conspirators want. He also looks away from their crimes, and neuters the effectiveness of the agency by changing the rules of how the regulating agency operates and investigates infractions. This is why corporations are literally getting away with murder in the USA. They own our government lock, stock & barrel.

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