US surgeon general issues advisory on ‘profound’ risks of child social media use


The US Surgeon General has released an advisory warning of the “profound” dangers of children using social media. The advisory highlights the potential risks of children engaging in online activities, such as cyberbullying, sexting, and exposure to inappropriate content. It also emphasizes the importance of parents and guardians monitoring their children’s online activities and setting appropriate boundaries. The Surgeon General’s advisory is a reminder of the need for parents to be aware of the potential risks of social media use by children.

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Of course it’s not good for kids. How is this even a question. They’re comparing themselves to Instagram, tik tok, Snapchat influencers. They’re getting constant dopamine hits. They’re learning stupid/bad shit.


Yeah good luck with that


I wouldn’t call it a mental illness. There is no illness. It’s a formed sanity as a result of disassociation from surroundings and not seeing the reaction from others when they behave in a “strange” way. Instead they are trying to find this online but they are not receiving feed back about their behaviors. I think the best approach is to get children involved in sports at a young age, a very young age. Especially get them involved in sports that are not school related but more community related, because they will meet new peers who have a fresh outlook about them and they will also learn how to associate with those new peers.




Got proof it isn’t?

> The bottom line is we do not have enough evidence to conclude that social media is, in fact, sufficiently safe for our kids

With virtually everything else the rule is it is ok unless you can prove it isn’t.

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