Using tor on a windows laptop?

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Just install and use it like a regular browser.

Honestly, with Tor, the biggest risk is the user slipping up and accessing an existing account or posting identifiable info while using it.


Yes. You’re missing the fact that you can just install Tor on your bloody laptop, and be done with it. There’s no *”best”* way to use Tor.

Tails is a very specialized technique, which is appropriate if you want all your Internet connections to go through the Tor network, you want to make sure there’s no trace of what you’re doing under a given environment on your computer once you’ve finished work, and you are ready to go through the added complexity of Tails.

However, the normal way of using Tor is to use Tor. You just add it to the hundreds of other programs on your computer, and that’s all. You’ll still be able to do whatever you were doing before, and you’ll even be able to do it at the same time.


If your device has enough RAM to take it, Whonix in VirtualBox will probably be good enough for you and you won’t have to switch between devices in order to boot up your anon setup. but you can always go to Tails if you’re really paranoid about your host OS.

[Anonimity Option Comparison Chart](


Tail would be for persons who were betting perused by governments or something. You’ll be fine installing tor browser in windows and just keeping logins separate.


What exactly do you think Tor does?

What it doesn’t do is affect any other part of your operating system.

It’s just a proxy to the internet.

Would you feel it necessary to boot your Chrome browser off a USB to check movie times to see the latest Disney flick?

If you are not an international drug cartel, then you’ll be fine just using the Tor browser.


The onions are safe my guy but you got the right idea with tails if you take it further then browsing.


Tor is fine on its own. However, if you’re buying sketchy stuff you might want better opsec.

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