War on crypto


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When will the War on Government begin?


Soon there will be “War on ChatGPT”.


Let’s summarize big events that happened in last few weeks in US:

* Silvergate – gone
* Signature – gone
* Kraken – hit on the head and thought a lesson
* Coinbase – remains to be seen, probably will be sued by SEC after Wells Notice they got
* Binance – hit with nuclear bomb

EU seems to take thing with slower and more reasonable approach. Middle east seems to be open to crypto. Parts of Asia is crypto friendly, other part not so much. Same goes for parts of Africa, there are lots of projects doing really well in Africa.


I love crypto like I love drugs and crime


I miss the war on drugs. The good ole days.


I expect some major bank or large asset managers to announce their own Crypto soon, and as these guys kinda have the legislators in their pockets, hopefully we see a stop to this.


Like the war on drugs or crime, this is not something the US can win.

If they choose to barr crypto out, it will go underground and prosper elsewhere.


I dont think it’s anywhere close to a full on war, but mostly people dealing with technology they’re very unaccustomed to and therefor overregulating out of fear.


The war may grow but so will the soldiers, even if wars don’t always end, we’ll all make sure this space stays alive, everyone that engages in it and uses it will ensure its legitimacy and growth. Governments are supposed to serve their people, some take a bit longer to figure it out. But this space isn’t going anywhere.


It’s always them vs us anyway, even if they fully support it they’d try to capitalise off it. We are two diametrically opposed forces, we shouldn’t be scared of what they’ll do, just need to adapt to it.


It’s impossible to win a war against a concept to begin with


How about when they confiscated people’s gold for $30 and then when they had most of it they inflated the price.

Executive Order 6102


They dont need a “war”, wait until GG just says you have to give up your BTC otherwise be prosecuted or your a terrorist. A lot of boat accidents I presume!


I love to see “War on Banks” but I am just a romantic and know that will never happen by these corrupt gocernments.


More like “attempt to control crypto for our own power and wealth”


And hopefully in time I can fund my drug addiction, and subsequently crime, with my crypto


All of these wars were just different names for profit and power.

Civil forfeiture falls flat vs crypto, unless they’re going to permanently imprison everyone that doesn’t hand it over.


Forth, and fear no darkness! Arise! Arise, Riders of Satoshi! Green Dildos shall be shaken,Red Dildos shall be splintered! A green day…a red day…ere the sun rises! Ride now!…Ride now!…Ride! Ride to ruin and the SEC ending! Death! “Death!” Death! “Death!” DEATH! “Death!” Forth, r/cryptocurrency!!!


The war on crime and the war on drugs were both hugely unsuccessful. I expect the war on crypto to follow suit.


everything they declare war on keeps on winning and gets used and adopted more and more, because everyone in government is incompetent af.


Don’t worry, US will loose this war like all others. Now we have Zar Putin in our side!!


Good luck with that


Ah if only politicians had morals and weren’t so concerned with preventing the little guy from getting ahead. There is so much potential for blockchain technology to benefit society but they don’t care


New Zealand wasn’t an exception to the war on drugs, we have much less freedom than the USA in that regard. It blew my mind when I was in DC and found that shrooms are legal there


Undoubtedly in play for a long time now


Get up stand up….stand up for your rights!


If they would put voting on the blockchain as well as taxes & usage, people would believe in government. Until then, its all the same lies.

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