What are easy to use smartphone wallets?

I’m looking for a creative way to introduce my friend to Bitcoin. I plan to give him some sats by creating a Bitcoin address and providing him with the 12 words. I think this is a great way to get him started, as it’s a bit mysterious. What is the best smartphone wallet for him to use to recover his address? Is there a better way to gift someone with Bitcoin?

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Bluewallet is very easy. I did exactly this a couple times. I still have the seed phrases… I wonder how long it takes before they decide to move it.


Gift them an [opendime](https://opendime.com/)


I find Muun pretty easy to use.


there’s a lightning based platform called Lightsats that might be useful –


the about tab has a video intro/demo


Exodus is incredibly easy to use.

No, it is not bitcoin only, and is not open source. But it is simple and easy to use, and we’d be better off if everyone moved their coins to a software wallet vs an exchange.

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