What are the tangible things we can do help more people understand bitcoin?

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If you’re willing to work for paper that someone can just print with the press of a button, you don’t value your time.

People don’t understand the problem, the solution is therefore meaningless. You have to help people understand what they keep themselves exposed to.

My grand parents bought their house for 6k. My parents bought theirs for 60k.

Yep…. you guessed what I bought mine for.

What the fuck are My kids going to do when average house price is 4-6million?


Only explain it if people are genuinely curious. It’s not worth trying to be evangelical about it. If they don’t get it by now, its not your problem


Have them download a wallet and send them some BTC. People live free money and it will force them to learn if they want to use, keep as savings or cash it out someday.


Start talking in sats! Nobody new will ever buy a “bitcoin”. Literally give them 1000 sats and tell them that’s a fraction of a bitcoin. The longer we hold onto the unit bias the more we sandbag adoption.


Buy more so the price goes up and then people will pay attention.


I feel like so far, talking to a few people I care about btc gets exactly the reaction you would expect to get if you try to talk to someone about multi level marketing, kirby vacuum cleaners, water ionization machines, insurance sales companies, or asking “Are you saved?” Then proceed to talk about religion.

I’d out. I’m too busy saving my own soul.


It is better to let people find it themselves.


It is kind of depressing that the sentiment of the replies is that don’t even try and it is not ganna work.

I thought if we all can do a few small things, we can collectively lead to big change.


What does it mean, to you, that “Bitcoin succeeds.” This is not a trivial question. I have the sense that what you are reaching for with “Bitcoin succeeding” entails a lot more than just Bitcoin. Bitcoin literally succeeds every time a transfer of value is recorded on the blockchain.


When you explain it, refer it to things they already know like when the internet came, or the fax or telephone, or why not social media. If you can create an analogy between these things and blockchain/bitcoin I find that helps a lot!


Another approach is to explain why fiat is flawed, and how Bitcoin fixes many issues. With current inflation, there are real world examples


People can’t understand gold, so they aren’t going to understand bitcoin. For most people, outside of jewelry, they don’t understand why you’d want metals instead of dollars or stocks or bonds.

Here’s the barebones reality… bitcoin won’t be understood until it’s rocketing to the moon. Then out of pure greed the common man will start getting curious as to what it is and how he can get some. OR, it never rockets and in 10 years people are holding on to coins worth $1 each and every time they have a beer with their friends everyone chuckles and asks them “Is bitcoin at $1M yet?”


I stopped trying after each person I mentioned it to knew nothing about it other than it recently lost a lot of value.


Just let it happen. No need to educate. I tried


I have a sign at work (I’m an independent contractor) saying I accept btc. If people ask questions, I answer. If they are curious about getting started, I tell them to get Cashapp and buy $50 worth. That way, they have skin in the game. Then I tell them to go figure out what they just bought.


It really doesnt matter. I think all the people that want to learn about BTC or Crypto in general is all here. Nobody else or the “Masses” wont get in till the TV tells them to. Or they are using Crypto/Blockhain with out even knowing it. My opinion


Never mind Bitcoin. We have this thing called a Satoshi. You can afford millions of those.

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