What Do you think a New Bitcoiner Should Know?

Talking about #Bitcoin education, what do you think the first things a new Bitcoiner should know?


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– Bitcoin will find ways to test your psychology if you care about price. The only way to make it through those valleys is to truly understand the tech.
– during the next bull market, you’ll feel stupid not buying some dog coin because it’ll be up 100x and Bitcoin will ONLY be up 15x.
– You’re not a true Btc’r until you’ve survived a bear market.
– it’s ok to take profits for big life choices when we’re up.
– if you think you know what’s going to happen to the price, forget it. It won’t happen.


People are too focused on BTC’s value from a fiat frame of reference (i.e. how much BTC is worth in terms of “dollars” or whatever fiat trash coin they use).

Most people don’t even know what BTC is from a payment rails as well as remittance perspective, human rights viewpoint, property rights standpoint, censorship resistance lens or freedom of movement of economic energy, and national strategic/defence perspective.

This is just the beginning of the list of viewpoints from what one needs to learn about BTC. Once people are able to understand BTC holistically by synthesizing information from various perspectives, only then will they truly understand BTC’s actual value to human civilization and that it isn’t a “speculative investment”.

BTC is an amazing human invention. Nothing is guaranteed, but I think its impact on humanity is still yet to be seen.


You should understand:
* What Bitcoin actually is
* The basics of how Bitcoin works
* Why Bitcoin was invented

* Not your keys, not your Bitcoin
* Securely store backups of your seed phrase

* Do not lend Bitcoin for interest
* Do not use Bitcoin as loan collateral
* Do not use leverage with Bitcoin
* Do not short Bitcoin
* Never sell Bitcoin thinking you’ll buy again for less

* Avoid alt coins: they are all scams
* Maintain an emergency cash cushion (fiat currency)


Every well rounded Bitcoiner has read these 6 books:

1. The Bitcoin Standard
2. The Fiat Standard
3. The Book of Satoshi
4. The Price of Tomorrow
5. The Blocksize Wars
6. The Sovereign Individual

You should also read Satoshi’s white paper at least once.

Other things you should learn:
– Bitcoin Privacy i.e. KYC vs Non-KYC, UTXOs, coin control, and coin join
– Running your own node and connecting your hard wallet to it

Finally, you should live by these creeds:

Not your keys, not your coins.

Don’t trust. Verify.

Stay humble. Stack sats.


To not follow this stupid sub.




[That it’s supposed to be a peer to peer currency, not a speculative asset.](https://bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf)


To find out why bitcoin then you have to understand how fiat money works and how dirty and corrupt the fiat system is, orelse you’re not gonna get it


Stop checking the price all day everyday. Buy when it’s a red day, and don’t worry about the rest.
Set small goals that are attainable. Most people can’t just go buy a whole coin. This also helps to budget better so you have money to invest


Anything can happen. It’s unpredictable and If the majority or Reddit says something will definitely happen, it’s likely the opposite will happen.


1. What a seed phrase is, how you secure it, and what you should **never** do with it. And when I say never, I mean **NEVER.** Seriously. Not even half joking. Do not gloss over this step. It is list first because it is the most important times 100. You have been warned.
2. Before you even get a seed phrase get the necessary items to store it securely and use them.
3. Get at least two hardware devices, such as a Trezor and learn how to use it before ever using it to secure your keys. And by learn how to use it, I mean create keys, backup the seed phrase, wipe the device, restore the seed phrase, etc. Do this multiple times until you feel confident with the processes. Two is one, and one is none. You need at least two because anything could go wrong with one, and you do not want to wait for a replacement to arrive. Also, you can test updates and wipes on one, while the other one is fully operational. You always need a backup. **You ALWAYS need a backup.**
4. With great power comes great responsibility. If anything goes wrong, it was because you did not do what you are supposed to do. It is all on you. Seriously. It is time to take full responsibility in a world that does not even know what responsibility is. Good luck.

I cannot emphasize this enough. I see everyday people not doing what they are supposed to do, and doing what they are never supposed to do, and then they post on reddit about how they lost all of their bitcoin and it was all of their fault.


1. You can own a fraction of a Bitcoin, why do people get confused about that?
2. It’s borderleas, universal, anyone can use it.
3. Can basically send money instantly instead of waiting the how many days for banks.
4. Always send a small test payment. Even send in fractions if you want.
5. AND MOST IMPORTANT 5. YOU DONT OWN BITCOIN IF ITS ON AN EXCHANGE. That exchange goes down, they can claim your bitcoin. GET A WALLET.

Ps. Don’t put your seed phrase anywhere on technology. Ever.


Buckle up!


buy and forget, come back in 5 to 10 years and hopefully be amazed


bitcoin is programmed to work not to define itself, bitcoin is what you need it to be.


The white paper

Hold til death

Keep it secret, keep it safe


That no matter how hard you orange pill your buddies most won’t stack any sats.


Remember setting your stop loss


Bitcoin is backed by the largest computer network in the world and has never been hacked. The longer it goes on, the more difficult it becomes to hack.


don’t buy shitcoins




Take bitcoin as miracle which happens very less in anyone’s life.


Aantonop on YouTube.



Just buy bitcoin regularly and store it in a hardwallet and move on with your life.


Treat your bitcoin like your 401k


Dont care about the price but try to operate with it as much as you can! Live and breather BTC…


Shitcoins are what the name implies


Other people besides Bitcoin maximalists and Bitcoin haters exist. Being in any Reddit echo chamber may cloud your judgement and introduce an unreasonable amount of bias towards or against Bitcoin.


How to DYOR.


Not your keys, and anything other than Bitcoin is 99.999% likely a scam, in the digital asset space.


understand how fiat does work. that’s all.


Bro iT cAn onLy gO uP


What is the seed.


Not much i think the way is paved and signed


Please run full node bitcoin core qt wallet this is fundamental if you can


Everyone in this space is a little insane. Nit in a good way. But also not in a bad way. Just comically unhinged when it counts. I don’t think they sleep.


Never put the seed (of HW wallet) to the computer nor digitalize it in any way (textfile, photo). If you are asked to “verify” the seed and insert it directly to the computer, it is most likely a scam.


1 BTC = 1 BTC


First, you need to understand what bitcoin is, understand that you should have taken it back in 2012, read less books on cryptocurrency, and test everything on your own experience based on your preferences.


The difference between Bitcoin and Crypto. Why gold has value and why Bitcoin is considered an improved version of gold (digital gold).

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