What Does ‘Have a Plan’ look like?

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Almost everyone goes through their first cycle without a plan, if they stay through the bear market they should try to make a plan to dca in and out. In my case i’ve waited until bitcoin and ether were almost 70% down before i lump sum, but make no mistake i never stopped DCAing every month, now it’s just a waiting game for me.

I want to be out of the market this next cycle with at least $1M so i planned out sell targets with specifics amount to sell as to be able to get to that goal, if i can’t reach that goal at the very least i don’t have hold while the market crashes again and another bear market begins.


There’s no better plan than buying moons with my life savings


My 2 most basic rules are, every time my investment goes up 100%, cash out half. Decide before buying if I plan to hold based on time or price


My DCA out plan is to take out my Initial investment once a particular price is reached and then im going to DCA out profits up to 80% – 90%. I will get my house deposit with the profits and then keep the remaining profits to DCA back in next cycle.


DCA in and DCA out.

The safest coins are BTC and ETH.

That is all.


“ I love it when a plan comes together “


For step 3 it’s helpful to implement the plan with say limit sell orders at the prices you want if you are using a centralized exchange. That way you’ve locked in a sell price ahead if time and you’re less likely to change it — or at least force yourself to do something to change it.


Good writing. My opinion would like to add that prepare a list of several shitcoins (really shitcoins but check the available liquidity) that you will buy before the bull run.


I had a plan but it turns out getting rich quick takes a long time.


Problem is most people bought shitcoins that are about to join the pile of one cycle wonders on the terminal slow grind towards zero.

They had plans to sell when they hit the numbers their calculator app spit out when they believed some ridiculous price prediction.

Now that they have their dreams anchored to that ridiculous number their only chance to right the ship is to find the next 10000x meme coin.


My plan is to DCA and hope for the best


In order to achieve great results, good planning is essential; these concepts are essential to achieve excellent results throughout the bullish and bearish cycles. Good post OP!


trying to not overthink it too much – working on my mental state to combat both fear and excitement of the market


Yet to go through a full bull market. I’ve made a plan to a degree just hope I stick to the bastard.


Just remember. Profit is profit. Holding onto your crypto when it’s already 5X and hoping for 10X is a fool’s game.


All those plans won’t work if you can’t handle emotions. It’s really, really hard to sell your portfolio when everyone in this sub is posting rocket emoticons and discussing whether we’re going to make 2x or 10x from here.


Have a plan set in place but also be a bit fluid in everything. You can have all the plans you want but there are a lot of other things that can happen to derail it.


Wow, that really does read like a well-considered plan. I’m just not that sophisticated. Honestly, I put a lot to luck and the rest to the golden rule: DI VER SI FY

You seem to have built that into some steps of your plan too.


DCA out is 10% at a time for me


Not buying the top would be a solid second option


It means not having no plan


My plan is to keep staking.


It means only investing what you can afford to lose and don’t succumb to loss aversion. If you need to cut your losses, do it.


I’ve learnt all this the hard way last year !


Very cool and very well written. Thank you very much for this. I like hearing an actual description of what a plan looks like.
Where else do you go for DYOR to find projects?
Is Eth your main bag?




Ask the A-team!


Having a plan in crypto is like having a plan in life: it’s important, but it’s also flexible enough to change when things don’t go as expected.


You can make a plan, the problem is actually sticking to the plan as far as that is even possible.


Just plan… don’t listen to Reddit subs.. make a plan and don’t stick to it if it is going south.


For me, the plan is to panic and sell when the price takes a nose dive, and then during the bull run, i get super euphoric and imagine myself getting this elusive “generational wealth” so i wait to long and never actually sell. Then we enter another bear market for 6 years while i beat myself up


I have a plan: buy high and see your holdings go down in value for almost 2 years and then just wait wait and wait


I’m not selling Bitcoin. It’ll go up one day and not go back down really.

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