What exchange do you use to ECA in germany?

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Every time you use that code Blocktrainer earns a commission.

Better ask a friend or family member to install the app (no KYC) and by using this elegant way you kinda orange-pill them and let them earn sats (every buyer on Relai gets their own referral code, mine for example being “XBT”).

Check out their website about the fees: https://support.relai.app/en/articles/5658120-how-much-do-i-pay-in-fees-for-buying-selling-bitcoin

Besides €100 of one-time buys every month are w/o fee.

I’m a Relai Squad member so if you have any other questions let me know (also in German). https://relai.app/blog/join-the-relai-squad-work-in-bitcoin/

Edit: Unlike Relai (unfortunately) pocketbitcoin.com supports instant payment which lets you buy the dip w/o waiting 2-3 days before the payment clears.


i use relai with the bitbox code, only a month you can buy a single transaction up to 100€ with 0% fees additionally to the eca, sometimes i also use kraken pro




Bison is regulated in Germany. However, what prevents you from using Kraken Pro? It’s very reputable and has very low fees.


The biggest german speaking bitcoin-only channel yt [“Blocktrainer”](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG6KtMc5WYB-ppxwpaX5CFw) recommends using http://relai.app where you get a discount on top by using the referral code “BLOCKTRAINER”.


Blocktrainer has also participated in BTCSession’s “Why we are bullish” and afaik offers only high quality content.


I use bitcoin.de very low fees under 1%
Edit: 0,5% fee to be exact



> Pocket automatically exchanges your bank transfers into bitcoin and sends them directly to your own bitcoin wallet. No account, no registration, straight from your banking app.

Fee is 1.5% per transaction plus network fee.


I use BisonApp. Its well regulated and you get all the informations for tax reports.

The problem is the spread is pretty high with 0,75% and if u want to send ur btc into a wallet it takes like 2-3 days (but the pay the network fee for you).

If u use [join.bisonapp.com/6esgv2](https://join.bisonapp.com/6esgv2) u will even get 10 Euro for free in BTC if u trade BTC for 100euro



I you still want to use CEX. Bitstamp, Kraken, Bitpanda are the best for Europe.

If you have Trezor hardwallet, you can also buy directly from them and they send btc directly to your hardwallet.


Pocket is very convenient.
Set and forget.
They even had a LN beta test lately and will provide a Top-up-Service for something like a spending account.

Pocket has the advantage that its “just” light KYC, meaning they only have you IBAN.

If you mind that – please check out BISQ or Peach Bitcoin.
There is a premium but worth it, as you’re not sharing your private data with a corporation.


Kraken has recurring buys.

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