What if the DDOS’er was found dead?

This is not a suggestion that I would support or fund, but it appears that the person doing this has made their identity known. In today’s world, it is dangerous to wear the wrong color shirt in the wrong area, as you could be shot and killed. I’m curious if this person has done something to put their life in danger. This is a poll: who would be willing to send flowers?

#DDOSer #dead

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He’s supposedly a government person so this would not work.


It would certainly be a tragedy 😿


How do they know theyve identified the person? How can they know its a single person? Not doubting you just genuinely curious how they can figure that out. I wouldnt wish harm on them — more so like wtf man? Dont bother us we dont bother you


I condone personal drug use, I do not condone violence.

Maybe a psychopathic Fent dealer out there will feel differently.

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