What is everyone thinking now?

What is the sentiment now that Bitcoin has surged to $26k? Let’s find out by taking this poll!


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I’m thinking about corn chips and cheese dip.


Im thinking cocaine and hookers


Wishing I’d bought a week ago.


Thinking that I’m damn glad that for my first investment I threw in 10k all on BTC throughout December, that just like in the past BTC is the front runner for all cryptos, that just like in the past it went up +50% from the bottom like it’s nothing which totally trashes every other market out there, and that just like in the past it’s gonna go at least 10x from the bottom of the bear market to the peak of our next bubble.

Taking profit at 30k and then every +30k afterwards, .1btc at a time. If we hit 180k that’ll be a nice +50k for me 🏦


I think we have more people bullish on BTC as we speak even if they won’t admit it. They don’t want to be seen as people who give wrong predictions.

I see a bullish pattern, not only formed but confirmed on the longer TF as the Weekly. And that’s all I need to be bullish regardless of what the analysts say.

I’m also bullish on ALTs like DIA, LINK, Polkadot, etc. I think ETH will lead us into another altseason soon.


I’m feeling it’s time for my next adventure

Also the economy is about to implode. Bearish


Im thinking what the price gonna be after the next halving. 2025 is gonna be hell of a bull run


I admit I don’t understand all the economic stuff but Bitcoin is just too resilient.


Good for you. That is awesome to hear.


How to make more money from ALTs , although already in profit.
As for BTC just waiting it out for lower price to get in.


I’m bullish, and I think 30k for BTC is feasible on or before end of month.

Dominance is still high. If BTC.d drops, altcoins could have an epic run from here, and I expect a great price action from MATIC, EGLD, CTSI, & AZERO.

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