What is the best way to use social media apps anonymously?

What is the best way to use social media apps like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube anonymously? I will be using fake details but I don’t want to give them my IP address or anything. I was thinking about using tails os or Mullvadvpn service or Tor browser but I think that will slow down my speed. I will be uploading content there so i need speed. What is the best way to do this?

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To not use them.


You can’t. Use Tor to create an account on Facebook and see what happens.


Whonix and VPN within it but they may not like those dirty IPs either, I believe with some you can purchase an IP that is only assigned to you.


If you must use social media, but want to mask your IP, you can use:
Public Wifi
Burner phone as hotspot
Most wont allow onion connections


A thought:

This needs to go far beyond IP Address because of trackers, cookies, location services, and more.

You might try creating a virtual machine for each social media site. Use that VM ONLY for that site. Don’t EVER browse to anything else from that VM. That VM must NEVER see your local network (it must not have access to WiFI, and it must never be able to see the MAC addresses of a router that other devices use). (This is because of all the steps various location services take). It must use a VPN all the time, never ever have any connectivity outside the VM without the VPN running, **including during installation of the O/S** in the VM. This means a router independent of the social media VM. And probably one router per social media VM to prevent MAC visibility. Personally, since I have the resources, I would spin up a dedicated VPN client “router” for each social media VM. This could run something like PiVPN in client mode.

If you need multiple anonymous IDs, you will need another pair of VMs for each. And use a different VPN server location for each.

There are other ways, but staying truly anonymous isn’t easy. Take the time to watch this conference presentation on what some hackers took to stay anonymous: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXmZnU2GdVk



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