What Is Your Strategy Once Your Portfolio Is Even?

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The bear market is a reality check for many (me included) and we lowered these expectations.

We went from “wen lambo” to “wen breakeven” real quick!


I started buying in 2015.

Have not been in the red since 2016.

And I will keep buying slowly. I don’t buy to get rich, I buy to secure my wealth outside fiat.


My strategy? Try not to get hacked.


I am going to DCA till price reach 50% above the average.

Then i am planning to sell 1/3 at 3x, then 1/4 at 4x and so on at 5x,8x and 10x.

If we go parabolic and go over 10 times my average i will at least secure 5x profit on my bags. I would be little sad, if that happens, but some profits are better than no profits.


Hold and wait. Why invest and see it all go red, and then as soon as you make a tiny bit of profit sell? Better to hold and try make some decent profit, even if it means selling a small bit here and there along the way but maintaining a good chunk of your portfolio


My portfolio is up… I dont have a short-term plan.
10 years from now I cash out.


Slow down on DCAing


Wasn’t out strategy to buy high and sell low?

Jokes aside, I doubt that many of us will break even due to buying at the top of some altcoins previous bull run!


If ADA > $2 I will sell immediately.

Love the idea behind Cardano, particularly the staking mechanism – but I bought near ATH and need to regain my sanity.


Convert all alts to eth and btc




Wait mostly. So far, so bad.


I only trade BTC and ETH

Has been a good week and taken profit equivalent to my weekly normal working pay.

Not a good strat but makes me smile.

Now just waiting for the dip 🤣


I may sell certain tokens I’ve lost faith in, assuming I’m ever even again. But the majority I’ll hold. I believed they were undervalued at that price when I bought them, so I’d see no reason to sell.


Hodl until at a loss


Take out my initial investment and keep playing with house money of course


Same as now, wait for Moons to flip SHIB **bear** market mcap and go to **$60**


I’m on a similar DCA plan to you. However I would buy a little past a bag turning green if I still think the price is low (in terms of where I think it could reach in future)


Buy btc and instant noodles


I’ve been in the green for a while now. Still dca away. Hodling until im good and ready.


I am at that point now, and I have stopped buying. In fact I was in that position since mid-February pump. Stopped buying until we had a dip 2 weeks later, bought the dip, now not buying again until another dip.

Worst case scenario we go up another 5% or so and that becomes new support level. I’m happy to take a risk where I’ll have to buy at 5% higher prices if we don’t dip. On the other hand, if we do dip, I’ll get 10%+ discount and further decrease my average.


Keep trying to time the top and end up selling once I’m at a loss again


If my portfolio goes to even, I’d be in a massive loss. Life changing loss.

Who am I, you might ask?

* Someone who accumulated Bitcoin since 2017
* Someone that was buying ETH between $100 and $300
* Someone who refused to stake ETH
* Someone who was selling ETH between $3k and $4k
* Someone who watched TechLead on YouTube and bought MM when it launched to do a 20x within a week and sold it all
* Someone who delegates ATOM for a while and enjoyed plenty of amazing airdrops
* Someone who is receiving the Arbitrum airdrop next week

And much much more!

Currently accumulating: BTC, ETH, RUNE, ATOM, AR, GMX, OSMO, MATIC, BOO, SPIRIT, and considering a few more.

Good luck to everyone in the red!


Wait, you guys have a strategy?


Lump sum it. Then wait for bull market and reevaluate.

If it’s a market uptrend lumpsum beats DCA.


Ask me again once I am even. I am a highly emotional trader without any contempt, so everything I would write now would be a lie 🐻



Provide MOON liquidity knowing it might be at a loss

(insert rocketship emoji that the SEC prevents me from using)


Why would you stop buying just because you are even? When things a rising in value is a fine time to buy. I would stop buying when I think I’d bought enough (which could be dollar spent or number of coins) or when the bull run was underway to the point where it was getting close to selling time. (Which probably is a couple of years off)


If I break even or am in the green I will plan to buy more continue to hold until I’m comfortably red again


Hope it stays that way


Once I break even I sell off so I won’t ever be in the red again and then ride the rest to the moon are back down

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