What makes us see $20k BTC ?


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Who the hell really knows?


If I buy enough I guarantee it’ll hit 20k 😂


Could be anything… some Elon tweet, a whale takes profits, another bank failure, some exchange going under, Xi Jinping sneezes… wouldn’t take much for a 20+ % drop.

This is crypto.


>What makes us see $20k BTC ?

I have no idea, to be honest.
what I know is that if we reach 20k, I am going to dca daily instead of monthly 😅


I will be buying tomorrow, therefore you can expect your 20k BTC price.


The debt ceiling debate

In 2011 the stock market crashed by almost 20% after the debt ceiling was raised at the last minute. We could see a similar thing happen again

The difference this time is it would be worse for crypto – most stablecoins are backed by US government debt

As such, an issue with the debt ceiling could cause stablecoins to depeg due to concerns about their collateral


No body knows, but maybe another big exchange going under will trigger it, or the Ripple Labs versus the Security and Exchange Commission concluding with Ripple as the loser. Cramer can come out tonight and say that Bitcoin is the best thing since sliced bread, and cause the dreaded inverse Cramer on poor Bitcoin… we just don’t know.


We could see 20k if … the price goes down to 20k. No one really can predict the price in the short term, so let’s just keep to schedule and DCA. 😎📣


I’m not export, but what’s your thoughts in we enter a recession? Are you in the camp more people will jump in to this asset or we’re still correlated to stock market.

I just feel like if we enter like a 2008 type recession or worse. People aren’t going be hedging their bets with btc -> by most still perceived as a risk asset. I think that narrative will change but we’re still 1-2 more bull runs away from that.


* Binance dies
* World war 3
* Michael Saylor dumps all the Bitcoin
* US bans crypto
* Major recession in stocks similar to 2008
* Zombies
* Everyone in this subreddit buys
* USDT turns out to be totally unbacked
* China invades Taiwan


USA criminalise it.


Inability to break 30k and then 27.5k. we tried many times but no luck so we might go lower


A big exchange collapse maybe. FTX exchange crash really shook the Crypto market.


WW3 might do it… I hope we won’t live to see that happen


I think we got better chances of reaching 35k than 20k tbh. I’m an optimistic person.



A larger proportion of would be investors sell around 20k than buy at 20k.


Ask putin.


a little more research would do us good


Nobody knows about fuck.Do you have ticket 🚀 to promises land Bitopia 100k? If is “Yes” then great I’ll see you there

Have a good journey.


Nothing special- disinterest at this level. Could happen easily.


Me buying some BTC


Apart from black swan events (invasion of China to Taiwan, economic collapse of a large country and more) there is also the possibility of a point drop in crypto.

At the moment it seems that the 26K zone is used as support, but breaking it will give the bears control and from there the road to the 24K zone will be fast.
Such a thing could introduce some panic and lower the greed and fear index, which would cause more people to sell.


China decides to take Taiwan?


It will most likely happen when [this user](https://www.reddit.com/user/me/) decides to buy BTC again. Seems every time they buy, the prices drop.


A black swan event would be needed for $20k.




Bear market rally imo.


US having to sell early June to avoid defaulting on its debt


Another FTX level kind of news


Two or three more steps down? I don’t know.

I have limit orders all over that range. I thoroughly expect a retest of 20K and a stagnation before anything changes.

The market has always been in the hands of whales. I don’t know if they can still pull it off, but if I was in that position, I’d be looking for a coordinated sell to buy back from the losers at 17-20K. It just makes sense to build as much capital before things get out of hand.


If it does go to 20k I’ll be buying all I can afford


Hope it dips 20-22 , adding to my bag if so.



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