What the hell is a captcha image I’m trying to send a message and it just says captcha image there is no image usually its just letters and numbers I’m just trying to respond to a message

I’m confused about what a captcha image is. I’m trying to send a message, but it’s asking for a captcha image. Usually, captcha images are made up of letters and numbers. I’m just trying to respond to a message, but I’m not sure how to do that with a captcha image.

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Ha, nice try, bot.


Npc 1000% confirmed


What does a captcha have to do with the darknet? I have to do them all the time on the clear net. The only person I know they can’t do them is my 75-year-old mom. Fuck out of here


Not a bot


im not calling you a bot but…


It’s a God damn question wtf nvm then


Yea bo. It’s fixed now

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