What’s better: combining Tor with VPN, or Tor via Tails?

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Fucking use the search bar bro, this questions asked every other day. Read the for page it says fuck vpms to pig it nicely that why there bridges my clearly minor friend.


***Have you heard of Google?***

These aren’t even close to the same thing…

Not only is it dumb to use a VPN with tor. Tails is an operating system… Which is completely unrelated to a VPN…

It’s like comparing Windows or MacOS to a VPN…

Using a VPN with tor doesn’t add to security, if anything it sets up a single point of failure, and it makes the experience slower and generally worse. There are only drawbacks to using a VPN with tor.

Edit: you can use a VPN with tails, but there is no reason to do so because if you are using tails then you are likely using tor.

Again tor + VPN doesn’t make sense.


Fuck vpns bro


That’s in case, for example, your ISP would be blocking the Tor traffic, so you would connect to Tor through some VPN server, but otherwise, it’s useless and doesn’t add any extra security since most commercial providers would give out logs to authorities under pressure, even when they proudly promote everywhere their amazing “ZERO LOG PRIVATE VPN.”




The point: using any vpn is just adding another entity you must trust. If your using Tor & Tails, it’s a waste and useless. If your just using Tor, the it could help depending again on vpn trust. Tor, Tails and public wifi were enough for Ross. And would have worked fine, notwithstanding his irl opsec failure: captured-unlocked terminal.

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