What’s next for bitcoin?

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> …[Bitcoin] has no useful function in everyday transactions…

Load of dung.


> [Bitcoin] has more to do with governments and their mistrust with each other in the foreign reserves/exchange and weaponizing their currencies through manipulation and sanctions.

No. Bitcoin is for ***individuals***. Peer to peer. Separation of money and state.


> Blockchain technology is a instrument of transparency. Policymakers and the public can now see transactions taking place to prevent situations like SVB and others from happening.

Wrong again.

For example, Bob logged into a KYC exchange and bought some Bitcoin. Then Bob sent the Bitcoin to a receive address which had never been used before.

To whom did Bob send those Bitcoin?
* Alice
* Himself
* Illinois Nazis
* His brother
* Marcellus Wallace, who don’t like to be fucked by anybody except Mrs Wallace
* The babysitter
* Lance, the heroin dealer
* A terrorist organization
* A woman who sells very nice socks from Peru
* The St. Helen of the Blessed Shroud Orphanage
* Joe Walsh

* Nobody knows (except Bob)


What’s next? Next block.

…and thousands of low-value machine generated word salad forum posts.


You’re not going to get any sympathy here trying to say there is any value in blockchain absent of bitcoin.

There is bitcoin, and there is everything else.


Did you just learn about bitcoin 10 mins ago?

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