Which is more secure?

I’m trying to do some research to ensure I’m using Tor safely. I’ve seen two different suggestions: Tails and PGP. I’m not sure which one is better, or if there are any other recommendations. Are there any other safety measures I should consider?


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You use them together! They are different pieces of software, Tails OS is an operating system and PGP is used to encrypt messages.


You need to read the DNM Bible which can be found on [tor.taxi](https://tor.taxi) under the heading Information. It’s an onion link so you will need the Tor browser.


Tails is an operating system that uses Tor to anonymity your traffic
PGP is an encryption scheme to encrypt your message to the vendor.
If u need more help dm me. I have a newbie group to teach newbies how to use the dn


Study some more. You need both not either.


Do more research, they are different but can be used together. One is public key encryption the other is opsec focused OS.


You didn’t do much research at all if you didn’t simply google search PGP and see it’s clearly a different thing from Tails.

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