While the banks were imploding, Retail bought Crypto at the highest pace since the FTX collapse. Bitcoin is truly working as Satoshi intended.

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Banks in panic mode and Bitcoin pumping hard. This is a ultimate wet dream.


So cool to see BTC pumping hard on a red day for Wall Street


>”The root problem with conventional currency is all the trust that’s required to make it work. The central bank must be trusted not to debase the currency, but the history of fiat currencies is full of breaches of that trust. Banks must be trusted to hold our money and transfer it electronically, but they lend it out in waves of credit bubbles with barely a fraction in reserve.”


This is one of my favorite quotes and it couldn’t ring more true today ..


Everyday passes is a win for BTC and crypto in general


Last week was such a great buying opportunity


Let’s not kid ourselves retail doesn’t have the kind of money needed to move things that fast. Just like retail doesn’t sell overnight for a 40% loss.

All manipulation on the way down and on the way up


While I am super bullish, I wonder how much of this pump is manipulated by whales. For all we know, those “retail” wallets could just be small wallets all controlled by bigger players.


The sick thing is, crypto is still kinda clunky to use and not very user friendly. Imagine what will happen once things get easier/faster to use


Retail is not what pumps crypto huge amounts. Not even close


I just spent the rest of my beer budget money until payday (next week) on more crypto. Let’s goooooo!


But Bitcoin is pumping precisely because the fed is pumping money in the system. Is that really good for crypto in the long run?


I swear I’ll take profits at ATH this time


I might be going against the grain here but… I don’t think Satoshi imagined Bitcoin as being primarily a speculative investment, with relatively little usage for payments/sending to one another.


But , the sub suggested me to always buy high and sell low , and it worked all the time ! What was I missing ?


The year is 2140. Nuclear war has destroyed the human race. The earth is back to prehistoric times.

BTC: “pamp it”.


The other day my elderly mother, who owns some shares but doesn’t know anything about crypto, rang me and said ‘I heard that Bitcoin thing you like went up more than 10%!’

Once I got over my surprise I immediately bought more.


Is it the secret hint to buy crypto?

_watches charts paranoicly_


Satoshi Whotookmymoto?


The inverse has occurred. Market is red and BTC is glowing green!


What a time to be alive! Be your own bank people!


Alts are up 2-5x, explain that. Feel like people run around blindfolded in this market and just sing lalalala


LoL a couple banks were managed badly. Banking is going no where. There is just some hype making in climb. Just prepare for a dump again after the hype is over.


Wrong. Satoshi intended Bitcoin to be used as “cash”, which is why the white paper says “A PEER-TO-PEER ELETRONIC CASH SYSTEM”. Today it’s anything but being used for daily transactions, it’s original purpose.


>Bitcoin is truly working as Satoshi intended.

No. Satoshi intended it to be used as an alternative to cash, not to be an investment.


Own opinion here but I would be amazed if retail wins. Quite new to Crypto Currencies but coming from the stock market retail usually always gets cleaned out before the bottom is in.


Get rid of unlimited supply fiat for limited supply crypto- this is the way.


Meanwhile no one’s even upset about the fact that the fed just bailed out another bank. Like oh well I guess thus is the normal now


Bro what the fuck are you talking about? You do realize there was a massive flight from crypto over the last 18 months. But you’re celebrating a single up week, that’s still 50%+ down from ATH, as some kind of proof of crypto? This is some dumbass delusional cherry picking nonsense.


Decided to add ETH to my Crypto Portfolio after the news… keeping a 50/50 split between BTC and ETH. Let’s GO! TO THE MOON!


Crypto showing strength while banks struggle will be one of the crypto milestones in history. This moment will be always remembered.


We need 2 more financial meltdowns *after* this one to fully convert the masses to preferring to deal in scarce digital assets vs fiat government currency.

So if we have a meltdown every 15 years, I’d say sometime in the 2050’s you will likely never need to transact in fiat currency ever again, unless your government mandates it.

Most people here today will have grandchildren who will never touch a bank note, outside of a school museum field-trip.


Someone doesn’t know why Satoshi invented Bitcoin… BTC sure ain’t the vision lol


Nah, this isn’t as intended.


BTC is the king for a reason!


Move over banks, bitcoin is here to replace you.


This is the way.


1 btc is still equal to 1 btc. Keep dca what you believe and ignore buttcoin sub


I’m still shocked at how things went down this time. Very bullish for the future of crypto


Bitcoin is not only a hedge against inflation its becoming also a hedge against Banking crooks.


Banks? What is that?

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