Who is using crypto and why it matters for mass adoption!

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I’m not surprised to see such a young demographic here. It seems like older people don’t care much for crypto


The future is now, old man


It’s more important to focus on why most people use crypto and right now is gambling and the promise of make a lots of money.


As time goes on older people will pass their estates on to younger generations and they will diversify into crypto. The distribution of traditional assets into new gen assets, like crypto, has Cleary begun and will only increase.


Turned 35 a few days ago, do I feel old yet?



Sorry but this is a bad poll, simply because you’re asking on reddit which is a site primarily used by teens & young adults.

If one option was ’18-24′ then that one would probably get 90% as well


Patience is all that is needed. I feel like patience will be the big equalizer between generational wealth distribution.

Just HODL!


ETFs will open the doors with the new money from the boomers generation, somehow I think it facilitates the interaction of not very technical people with a new technology through this “bridge”.


Looks like 67.5% of this vote is of a younger generation!
But yes, i also dont think my parents would wanna use crypto as well. Even using banking apps to transfer money, they already find it a hassle.


I have introduced my Grandfather to Crypto futures. He keeps winning and losing & showing his trades to me. But mostly he plays with fixed nominal captial


Shout out to the 1.9% of over 54s… or the 1.9% who lied and clicked a random answer


I like how the difference between simple votes and Moon weighted votes show that us old people apparently have more money.


Who actually “uses it” though.

Owning it and using it aren’t the same. I imagine the number of people who interact with regularly outside of speculation are much lower.


44 and hodling like a rock!


Everyone I talk to thinks he’s the coolest shit and doesn’t have to know about crypto.


This graph really shows that the future of crypto is secure.


This is why ETF are so important! We will see more of those over 54 ^boomers ^money


>To a bright future, cryptonerds.

Nerds is a big word. Most people here don’t even know how a key pair works. Let’s call us crypto *geeks*.


A lot of older people can’t even do the basics with computers and tech. I have tried to educate some the basics and crypto.

All I get is it’s funny money and doesn’t exist and they give up. The irony Is they don’t realise is the debasing fiat they use daily is the problem and reason for crypto

One day they will get it


Owning != using. All of us here own crypto, but how many are actually using it? I’ve played with various things, e.g. DEXs, bridges, DeFi, etc because I wanted to learn how to use them, but apart from learning exercise I don’t actually use crypto, because I don’t have a use case for it.


Technically I’m both under 34 and 54 🤓


Boomers unite!


so few people in the 40-50 on reddit and interested in crypto? I feel lonely 😀


Now i am feeling old…


Crypto’s not so ease of use often acts as hurdles for the older group.


Under 34. Younger generation is more likely to accept innovation plus we are fed up of the economy and working in dead end jobs . Crypto is more of a salvation to us and hope to escape the horrible conditions.


With the type of post, comments and enthusiasm to get rich, most certainly the crypto industry is flooded with Under 34 people. Just by going on Discord, you can easily know which age bracket is flooding the space.


Off course we’re less than 34, for a lot of us this is the only bet they have to live a decent life when we’ll be older.


Older individuals are mostly into stock market while younger individual are into crypto market.


Some older people just don’t want to. I’ve first told my dad about BTC in 2013 when I bought some myself. He could of easily bought a bit as he had a well paying job, but he belittled me and said “you keep doing that son, I won’t waste money”.

Needless to say he fooled himself but keeps saying he does not believe in BTC nor a stable future for it.


Crypto is not yet easy to use, that’s the reason for small % of the older age.


While is true that i never heard my grandmother (70) talk about crypto, 10 years ago i didn’t seen her using an smartphone either but now she is using it like a pro… So conclusions are yours to make


The smallest group is 65+ , but sadly the biggest targets for scams.

More education is needed




Adoption will only really go fast if it would be as easy to purchase Toiletpaper and is as easy to use as Toiletpaper for every generation out there.


I’m using crypto, and this is important because I’m everyone’s exit liquidity


Maybe grandma is just the friends we made along the way


we had a poll before, and it showed that our sub is mostly 25-35 – spitting some wisdom without leaving sand all over the carpet


more interesting would be to ask what they use it for


I’m pretty sure these statistics are not really about who “uses” crypto but mostly who trades crypto.

I’m quite sure only a fraction of people actually use or even plan to use crypto in any way except hoping of going to the moon.

What Will happen is that people will start using Blockchain tech without them actually knowing it.


Target ages are exactly 34 and 54.


Bro, my dad is 70 years old, he doesn’t know how to use touchscreen phone.

Thats how early we are.


While I am under 34, my Mom bought ETH and BTC before I did. One of her work colleagues supposedly told the team about it. She is over 54

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