Whonix w/i2p setup

I hav set up a Linux distro and put whonix in a vm. I followed whonix’s guide on using i2p in tails. It may be working fine but I don’t know know for sure. First, the dev team has a disclaimer that the setup might not work but the linked info looks complete. Second the network says it was in hidden mode which I didn’t know if that was a setting I should keep. Third, I tested I2p on a different machine and realized my connection speed was shit. How can I allocate more memory in my vm.Already posted to r/whonix and r/i2p with little to no reply. Any help would be fantastic. Thanks!

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ProtonWallet.org works in Whonix. That includes the I2P / Tor browser. That will be the easiest way to get it setup.

As far as allocating more memory to the whoenix workstation you will have to consult your VM manager for that. Generally before you launch the VM there is a settings pane you can configure things like max memory, etc.

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