Why do many upper users have a underbite/ squished jaw?

Having an underbite, or a squished jaw, is a common issue among many upper users. This condition is caused by a misalignment of the upper and lower jaws, which can lead to a variety of problems.

The most common cause of an underbite is genetics. If one or both of your parents have an underbite, you are more likely to have one as well. Other causes include poor dental hygiene, thumb sucking, and trauma to the jaw.

An underbite can cause a variety of issues, including difficulty speaking, difficulty chewing, and an increased risk of tooth decay. It can also cause facial asymmetry, which can lead to self-esteem issues.

Fortunately, there are treatments available to correct an underbite. Orthodontic treatment is the most common option, and it can help to realign the upper and lower jaws. Surgery is another option, but it is more invasive and expensive.

No matter what the cause of your underbite is, it is important to seek treatment if you are experiencing any of the associated issues. With the right treatment, you can improve your oral health and your overall quality of life.


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