Why do people still doubt the power of Bitcoin?

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Cos we retail will always love meme coins. Bagged up on Pepe. Gonna diamond hand it until its worthless


Because crypto is a ponzi scheme


They dont even know about Ordinals yet, it’s 1994 right now and people are saying “I missed this whole tech thing everyone’s talking about”.


Because almost 20% of all Bitcoins is held by about 20 individuals or entities. The day the Big Guns cash in on their investment (which is not anytime soon), millions (or possibly billions) of people will be left holding the bag.

Trade Bitcoin and invest for short-term gains. Bitcoin is not controlled by the little guys anymore.


Bitcoin is the most useless application of the blockchain technology. It has none of the fundamentals of Ethereum: DeFi, huge scalability through rollups, ENS, NFTs, thousands of companies developing something, decreasing supply, yield generation through staking…

Those are serious fundamentals. People will soon or later reconsider the belief that crypto is just a casino. It is everyday clearer and clearer that BTC is for speculation, while ETH is for investment and usage.

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