X will charge users ‘a small monthly payment’ to use its service

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Who is actually going to pay for this? I wouldn’t pay for any social media, including Reddit


He’s really trying his hardest to tank this thing huh?


Bout to be renamed: Ex


The real money maker would be if he could figure out how to charge people to never have to hear about him or Twitter again.


At one point I would have cared if Twitter died, but… I kind of welcome tech’s pending biggest failure in history. This is going to make the Juicero look like a great investment by comparison.


Wow I didn’t use Twitter before but now? I’m sold. I’m all in. Bravo Elon


X is “moving to a small monthly payment”, after independent research indicates X Premium hasn’t attracted a majority of X users:^1

>In a live-streamed conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday, Musk said the company was “moving to a small monthly payment” for the use of the X system.

>He suggested that such a change would be necessary to deal with the problem of bots on the platform.

>“It’s the only way I can think of to combat vast armies of bots,” explained Musk.


>During the conversation, Musk also shared new metrics for X, noting the site has now 550 million monthly users, who generate 100 to 200 million posts every day.

>However, it wasn’t clear if Musk is counting automated accounts — that is, either good bots like news feeds or bad bots like spammers — among those numbers.

>This figure also didn’t allow for a direct comparison with Twitter’s user base pre-Musk, which was calculated using a specific metric Twitter had invented called the “average monetizable daily active user,” or mDAU.

^1 https://techcrunch.com/2023/09/18/elon-musk-says-x-will-charge-users-a-small-monthly-payment-to-use-its-service/


Aaaaand… delete.


I assume they will accept Doge as payment.


Given that it will hasten Twitter’s demise, I applaud this move


I really can’t wait until this guy can fuck right off of any businesses he touches.


And lose 90% of its users.


There’s absolutely no way that someone would finance a bot farm. Pure genius! /S


> the company has been pushing its users to subscribe to its paid subscription product, X Premium (previously Twitter Blue). This $8 per month or $84 per year subscription service offers a variety of features like the ability to edit posts, **half the ad load**, prioritized rankings in search and conversations, the ability to write longer posts, and more.

Holy shit, people who pay for premium still have to look at ads? lol. What a shit show. It’s sad, I used to really enjoy Twitter as a means of real time updates on various things. It’s very annoying that it’s now in the hands of a petulant manchild throwing things at a wall because he has no idea what he’s doing.


This is a masterclass on how to set $44 billion on fire.


Is Elon intentionally trying to drive that platform into the ground? Sure seems like it.


Fucking knew this was coming the moment he started locking some features behind twitter blue.

But I thought he’s just gonna lock more and more until it ultimately becomes a paid service.

Guess he’s gonna go straight for the dunk (into the trash can) instead.


X gonna take it from ya.


This would kill the website completely


I’ll pay a small monthly payment to never have to hear about Twitter or X or Elon ever again.


Ah, so his goal WAS to kill twitter. Why?


Not paying a fucking cent for Twitter.


X / Unity / Reddit race to the bottom, welcome to late capitalism


Twitter really is in a money-losing spiral, isn’t it? Almost like it is being ran by a fucking moron.

[Also, I refuse to use Muskrat’s new completely fucking stupid name]


At this point I believe he just wants to destroy Twitter.




Elmo is a super genius. Overpay for a social media site, flood it with right wing craziness, nazis, and misogynists, chase away advertisers and content creators, allow any halfwit to buy a blue check, literally evaporate your iconic branding and name for fantastically stupid reasons, THEN decide to charge your dwindling but loyal user base to use the site you’ve totally ruined.

I’m sure somewhere in his addled brain this makes sense, but not to the rest of us. If he actually does this, I’m sure I’ll have good company as I leave Twitter.


To handle bots? Lol there are thousands of bots paying for blue!


It’s wild af that people are fighting so hard to not leave this platform.

Just leave. It’s just like every other social media. It’s so dumb.


Finally! The last nail in the coffin!


This is ridiculous.

Man, ever since Facebook became Meta I haven’t been using social media anymore anyways.

This just reinforces that I made the right decision, lol.

If Elon does this Twitter is going to lose a LOT of users, fast.


twitter is about to join myspace in the wikipedia’s “defunct social media platforms” page

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