‘Zoom Towns’ Exploded in the Work-From-Home Era. Now New Residents Are Facing Layoffs

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Going to all be competing for the remote only jobs. Still lots of them but not 2021 plentiful


Here is an excerpt from the article since it’s behind a paywall:

> Leave or stay? Hold out for another highly paid remote gig, or shift to a local job with a lower wage? These are the questions facing transplants in so-called Zoom towns — dubbed that because of the prevalence of remote workers spending their days on video calls. They are places like Bozeman, Bloomington, Moab and Missoula: beautiful but far from the country’s traditional tech and finance hubs. They boomed during the pandemic, offering remote knowledge workers small-town charms and a chance to make their big-city paychecks go far.
>Now, three years after the Covid-era working model began to take shape, new economic realities are challenging it, sending its beneficiaries into uncharted territory once again. While it’s difficult to estimate the number of remote workers who have moved to Zoom towns only to face layoffs, the pandemic saw an exodus of people from big cities and a surge in remote work. That was particularly true in the tech industry, which is now slashing jobs. This presents an opportunity for less glamorous or less capitalized industries that previously could never have competed with the likes of Amazon or Google for top talent.
> “Many companies pre-tech layoffs simply could not hire coders so are now dipping into the markets ⁠— think companies like John Deere, Walmart,” says Nicholas Bloom, a Stanford economics professor who has been studying remote work for decades. It could also “spur the growth of rural entrepreneurship,” he said


On Utah specifically: these people should be able to find jobs serving the giant quantum supercomputer located in the middle of the state, given how it’s about the center of the global phone network (well, the *historical* center, at least). I don’t have sympathy. For Montana, it’s Montana. The whole state is a bunch of boom towns built around the empire builder and milkwaukee road, the latter of which is totally abandoned. Humans smart enough to get a four year computer science degree and a remote work google job should be observant enough to notice the ghost towns, derelict railroad signals, and angry coal miners around their shrink wrapped mcmansion.


Good luck selling their homes to the locals.


let me find my tiniest violin

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